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Top Drain Cleaning Drum Machines

Finding good quality plumbing equipment is no easy business. We'll try and narrow down all the drum machine models to what are the top model.

Have you ever had a heavily clogged drain far into the pipe that even a simple traditional snake is not getting the job done? This is what drum machines are good for. They offer a more powerful operation that’ll even let you get through those tough root blockages (find the correct accessories for this!).

Spartan Tool machines offers the best efficency when breaking through blockages. Their silent operation and independent rotating inner drum prevents kinking that can break cables or cause injury.

    Spartan 1065

    The Spartan 1065 Drum Machine is a powerful machine that undoubtedly will get the job done. It’s a heavy-duty machine for 3"-10" up to 250' that features a smart motor sensor that increases power when it detects a blockage inside the pipe. Also, its materials make it for a long-lasting machine so I’m sure my investment will pay off.

    The 1065 is thebest option available because, even though it is not hard to find cheaper machines, this one is actually worth its price. Its endurance, efficiency, transportability (it’s not too heavy really) and power will get the job done for a long time.

    Pipe Sizes: 3"-10" // Weight: 142 lbs. // Cable Capacity (.66" Magnum): 162' // Cable Capacity (3/4"): 112' // Motor (Volt): 120 // RPM: 3000

    Product Code: 44115804

    Spartan 300

    The Spartan 300 Drum Machine is a medium-weight heavy-duty machine with a functional compact design to use it in or go through tight and narrow spaces. Its independent rotating inner drum prevents cables being broken, This particular model also has a quick and interchangable drum capability.

    With its Dial-A-Cable power feed the this machine feeds the cable in and out automatically, and its Permanent Magnet motor makes its operation considerably quieter and provides a quicker torque and longer life.

    Pipe Sizes: 3"-6" // Weight: 138 lbs. // Cable Capacity (.55" Magnum): 107' // Cable Capacity (5/8"): 82' // Motor (Volt): 120 // RPM: 300 

    Product Code: 04221458

    Ridgid K-400

    This Ridgid K-400 is a highly functional threading machine with an easy to use and efficient foreward/reverse lever that automatically feeds the cable around 18' per minute (manual feed is also popssible). This particular perk comes in handy when encountering a blockage. Instead of muscling through it, pull the lever back and fortch so the cable works through the blockage automatically.

    Particularly suitable for clearing blockages in tub, shower and sink pipes. This machine can be operated by the general public more easily and is not designed to cut through root blockages in a drain.

    Cable Capacity (3/8" cable): 1.5"-3" line size// Cable Capacity (1/2" cable): 3"-4" line size // Weight: 65 lbs. // Motor (Volt): 115 // RPM: 165

    Product Code: 52363

    Spartan 100

    The Spartan 100 Drum Machine is an easy to transport, light-weight drum machine with a quick assembly design. With its Smart Motor senses and Permanent Magnet features, it will work silently and automatically increase power when encountering a blockage.

    It is designed for lighter jobs and smaller pipe diameters. If what you’re looking for is a good machine to take with you to not-too-heavy operations, this may be a good alternative to consider. Its independent inner drum will prevent cables from breaking, as well as other Spartan drum machines do.

    Pipe Sizes: 1 1/4"-4" // Weight: 55 lbs. // Cable Capacity: 13/32"-100' // Motor (Volt): 115

    Product Code: 02812201


    There is a wide range of drum machines out there that offer different benefits, sizes, weights, or that are focused on power, transportability, heavy-duty or not heavy-duty operations, etc. Its important to firstly determine what kind of job you need to get done and then look for machines that tend to those purposes.

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